On our website, we will be covering the information about roads and highways. Highway and road safety benefits everybody especially the performance of businesses and industries that rely on transferring goods via highways. Also, we will be providing useful information about the town of Smithers, British Columbia.

Smithers is a busy commercial town located in British Columbia, Canada. With a population of about 6,000, the town of Smithers mostly provides services. The city is served by four television stations and six radio stations that provide advertising services to businesses. It houses some banks and other high-end professional and informal service providing institutions. Even though the city has a small population, it is an economic buzz with many industries and businesses.

Smithers Sign and Highway

Recreation and Tourism

Smithers has put its name on the national and global arena for the world-class fishing and skiing activities that take place in the city. It is a popular center for extreme sports including snowmobiling, quadding, mountain biking and paragliding. The city is also home to many professional stars in soccer, hockey, volleyball and baseball. Smithers receives more than 110,000 visitors every year, 96,000 of whom seek commercial accommodation services. Tourists spend more than $21 million per annum while in the city.


Many residents in Smithers are farmers. Almost all the food consumed by the city residents is produced by the local residents. Cottage services are also popular in the city. Most of the foods here have created many jobs for attendants in restaurants and other eateries. The city also houses the office of the Ministry of Agriculture that provides several training food programs in the city. Agriculture also forms the backbone of recycling services and environmental management programs.

Forestry and Logging

British Columbia is well-known for its forestry activity. Smithers has many exotic trees grown in large scale plantations. These farms provide employment opportunities to many farmers, supervisors, and managers. The trees are logged into timber that is transported into different parts of the country for consumer use with some timber being exported to the United States and other neighboring countries. Forestry and logging also provides jobs for forestry consultants who understand everything about forests, management of forests and their products.


The city houses Smithers Airport that underwent an extensive runway extension in 2008 to allow the safe landing of smaller aircraft. The Central Mountain Air also has an office in Smithers. Jasper-Prince Rupert from VIA Rail also serves the city as a stopping point thrice every week.

Smithers also has a complete mesh of road network that helps farmers to transport their produce from their farms to the city. The road network also helps farmers to transport processed timber from the farms to the city and other neighboring cities. The road also links the town to Smithers Airport.

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