More About Smithers and Highways

Nestled among a plethora of hills, valleys, mountains, creeks, lakes and green forests, the town of Smithers is home to a spectacular scenery that beckons all and sundry to savor its stunning vistas that surround it from all directions. At the backyard of the town is Hudson Bay Mountain that towers at a height of about 1650 km. The rather isolated town is a hub for tourists who enjoy its cool, quiet and relaxing atmosphere. With at least a two hours drive from any other nearing town, Smithers is free from noise and disorderliness.

Smitheres BC Road

Edmonton Alberta is at least 1110 km from this beauty while Vancouver BC is 1150 km. With such long distances from neighbors, tourists find Smithers enigmatic. At Smithers, they forget work, memos, phones ringing, nagging spouses, troublesome managers and find life in the stillness and silence that engulfs the town.

Smithers town is also popular as a tourist hub thanks to its lovely seasons. Lovely enough to be called a town of all seasons, it prides in its unique warm summers and snowy winters.The town attracts visitors because of its local musical talent, diverse entertainment programs, classy eatery joints, cozy lodgings and easy access to lovely outdoors making it a one-stop location for people traveling on the Yellowhead Highway. Wild animals have made the backyard of Smithers their home ground thereby making it ideal for tourists to visit and please their eyes with the beauty of wildlife.

The infrastructure in Smithers is top-notch with a sophistication that pleases anyone who visits the place. All the way from communication to road networks, affordable and reliable electricity, Smithers is indeed a place worth praise and visiting. Smithers roads and highways are well-maintained through a constant repair. The authorities also ensure that people drive at the recommended speeds and do not break any traffic laws so as to avoid road accidents.

Though small in size, this 1913 founded Bulkley Valley’s divisional headquarters is populous with over 6000 people enjoying its shelter. Most of its people are the Wet’suwet’en who have embraced contemporary lifestyles while still keeping some of their traditions. However, apart from the Wet’suwet’en people, other people have made Smithers their home making it home to diverse cultures and languages that blend beautifully in unity.