Northern and Interior BC Companies Can Benefit From SEO Marketing

For many, when they think of northern or interior British Columbia they think of the booming forestry and logging trade. It is true that BC is rich with Industry. Linking all of these businesses to different towns and cities is an intricate highway system. These highways are the lifeblood for many Canadian and US businesses. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that many companies rely on the highways to continue their day-to-day operations.

In the same way, that the highways connecting these businesses to the rest of the world are a necessity, an Internet presence has emerged as a necessity to any growing business. Due to the nature of the logging and forestry trade, many businesses might run their operations out of isolated towns or be managed from remote logging stations. This makes it even more important for such businesses to maintain a professional website, where potential or existing clients can connect to ascertain information. This could potentially signify more growth for your business in terms of profit, or a means to get ahead of competitors who do not have such an online presence.

As you can gather, it is very important to have a website. However, it is just as important to have your website appear on the top Search Engines. The exposure you can receive from appearing on the first page of one of the popular Engines, for example Google, can be significantly higher than any other marketing tool. The process of tuning your website to appear, or “rank”, higher on a Search Engine is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO Marketing Can Grow Forestry Business

What is SEO? The first page of a Search Engine result will obviously get more views than any other. In turn, the higher you appear on this page will again increase your visibility. There are industry techniques that can be utilized to help the Search Engines value your website higher, affecting how you are ranked in their results. This is the basic premise of SEO – optimizing your logging or forestry company’s website to be more visible.

The benefits of SEO are fairly obvious. Greater exposure to the outside world will result in a greater chance of connecting with high-paying clients. Also, you will be ahead of any company with a weak SEO strategy, potentially leading to a great portion of a market share. Let us take a look at some of the exposure your could be missing out on:

  • The search term, “logging companies in BC”, receives around 110 searches per month.
  • The search term, “forestry companies in BC”, receives roughly 40 searches per month.

The people that are searching for these terms can potentially be your next clients. However, your site needs to be optimized to rank for these terms.

One unique aspect of SEO is that it is mostly performed online. This is a great advantage for remote BC businesses that do not have a presence in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton or other major cities. For example, a company based in or around Smithers, Prince George, or Terrace, could contract the services of an SEO company from Vancouver, where they have greater skill and knowledge in this field of marketing. After initial consultations, this work can be carried out online.

In a manner of speaking, the Internet is like a modern highway connecting businesses electronically rather than physically. In turn, Search Engines are like a figurative tollbooth, we have to use them to access this network of benefits. This is why you should look at SEO as an investment for your northern or interior BC company.