Highway and Road Safety Measures

Roads are an essential part of our environment. They are an integral part of the transport system. They enable us to move from one place to another. We can access the outside world. Roads play an important role in the development of a country. Proper road infrastructure is important in the economy of any country. Farmers, for example, will not be able to transport their produce if the road network is not in place or not functioning well. So it is very clear that roads need to be well-maintained.


Proper highway and road safety measures should be put in place so as to avert the constant road accidents.

In Canada, it is a must for the drivers and the passengers to wear a safety belt. Seat belts protect the passengers from head and neck injuries. They also protect them from being thrown out of the vehicle. A vehicle must have air bags. Motorcycle riders must always wear helmets.

Always avoid speeding or overtaking carelessly. Avoid overtaking in dangerous corners or places where the visibility is low. In areas, especially where there are school children or in hilly places, a motorist should drive slowly.

Cyclists and the pedestrians are prone to accidents. There should be pavements and sidewalks for them. A clearly painted zebra crossing should be in place to enable pedestrian cross the road effectively. Bumps should be incorporated to allow the vehicles to slow down especially in busy areas. There should be barriers in dangerous intersections to keep the pedestrian from crossing. Driving speed should be controlled by use of cameras.

Both the drivers and the pedestrians should observe the traffic rules. Pedestrians should stick to the sidewalks and only cross in designated areas. Drivers, on the other hand, should use the necessary signals, and keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

Road signs should be in place. If there is a bump ahead, children crossing, narrow roads, et cetera, a sign should indicate all these. A proper traffic control system should be incorporated at roundabouts.

Highways should be enclosed with rails and have limited access to pedestrians or other animals. Obstacles should be removed. They should have clear markings. Cargo in the trucks should be secured well to avert movements that can destabilize the truck causing accidents.

Winter season safety measures

Snow Plow TruckWinter season is the most dangerous for the drivers. Many accidents occur during this time of the year. To averts this, drivers must always ensure they wipe off all the snow and ice from windows and headlights before driving. The lights should always be on. Ensure that your car is well-equipped for winter temperatures. Always keep warm clothing and winter survival kit. Ensure your tanks is full or, at least, half full. This should keep you warm in case you are stranded. Maintain a safe distance between yourself and the next vehicle. Learn how to brake properly in a slippery situation. Reduce your speed limit. Always tell a friend or a relative if you are travelling during a blizzard. Move away from snow plow as far as possible. Avoid passing it and move away from the centre line.

The snow removal services should always be in place and well-organized during the winter season. They do an excellent job of maintaining roads and highways. They help remove the otherwise stuck snow and ensure the roads are safe for drivers to use. They also help stranded travelers.

Cases of accidents will always reduce when the drivers and pedestrians learn to follow all the traffic rules and the safety measures put in place. Traffic offenders should be punished.